May 24, 2023
4 Things to Check Before Choosing an Industrial Storage Rack

There is no single answer to what the best warehouse racking solution is. It depends on multiple points of criteria. If you’re shopping for options, pay attention to the following:

Consider the Goods or Products

The products you handle impact the racking solution you choose. Product loads can range in sizes, weights and the types of pallet they are stored on. You may also need to support storage of cases or eaches in addition to full pallet loads. Don’t forget to also analyze how many stock keeping units (SKUs) and the quantities of each that you have in your warehouse.

Factor in the Flow of Goods

Assess the rotation and flow of goods. Some storage systems are design for first-in, first-out (FIFO) applications and others are designed for last-in, first-out (LIFO) applications. It is also important to determine the velocity at which your products come in and out of the warehouse. You should not store frequently distributed good the same way you store infrequently distributed goods.

Look at the Building’s Dimensions

Factor in the height of the warehouse and its surface area. That will help you fully optimize the space. How high can industrial storage racks go inside the warehouse? It is critical to maximize the space utilization of your facility in order to turn a positive return on investment.

Think About the Future

Do you expect your product mix and operations to change in the foreseeable future? This could mean needing a storage system with the flexibility to change to a different configuration. It could also mean a racking layout that you can expand on to as you grow. Planning ahead can help you to avoid issues – like downtime – when changes do ultimately occur.

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