June 21, 2022
Industrial Racking Solution: 5 Things to Know

The right racking solution for your facility can improve efficiency levels, ensure greater productivity for your staff, and make the most out of your warehouse space. If you are looking for options, here are some tips to help you filter through racking systems to help you figure out the best in the bunch.

Size and Type of Pallets

If you’re storing products on pallets, there are two things you need to know: weight and dimensions. The dimensions refer to the depth, width, and height on the pallet plus the product stored on it. The standard size for pallets in the industry is 48” Deep by 40” wide. If you pick standard options, it’ll be easier for you to find storage options. However, if you handle irregularly-sized products, you might need to consider custom industrial racking solutions.

Inventory Retrieval

There are multiple ways to retrieve the products from your system. Do you use LIFO, FIFO, or something else altogether? For a date-sensitive inventory, you’ll need to use FIFO. If that isn’t the case, though, you might use a LIFO system.

SKU/ Pallet Count

How many SKUs do you have? The number of SKUs often determines the type of pallet rack system you’ll need. If you have a lot of different SKUs, selective pallet racking might be for you. The system allows for SKU variability, so it’s an excellent option if you have inventory that needs to be readily accessible. If you have several pallets for every SKU, though, you’ll need to look for a storage system that allows for higher density in terms of options. Try a push-back pallet racking system or a drive-in pallet racking system to see if these systems work better for you. A pallet flow racking system might also be a good bet, especially if you handle products in a FIFO manner.

Warehouse Environment

Will you store products at a controlled temperature? Or will they be in cold storage? Or do you handle products that don’t need a particular temperature? Whichever environment it is, you’ll have to consider that when you shop around for a warehouse racking system.

Storage Area

Figure out how much storage area you have. You’ll also need to check your building’s support columns. How are they spaced from each other? That will affect your project budget, too. You’ll also need to check the interior ceiling height, so you can figure out which racking systems can be used to take up that space. Be sure to pay attention to where the dock doors are and their size. Can the pallets pass through those doors easily?

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