April 23, 2021
How to choose the best pallet rack for your warehouse

Inventory management is dynamic and keeps changing as the supply and inventory increases. Choosing the best pallet racking system for your warehouse is essential to ensure your business’s smooth running. Each warehouse has its unique requirements.

The best racking system should be able to maximize floor utilization without hindering your operations. Pallet rack manufacturers have a variety of racking systems at your disposal to suit your warehouse needs. However, the are several factors to consider before settling for a particular pallet racking system. If you are searching for a racking system that suits your needs, consider the following factors.

    1. Financial resources

Access to finance is the most crucial consideration when searching for a warehouse. You should know how much the system will cost your company. When it comes to budget, keep in mind that the cost is divided into the storage system, design, and installation. Anyone is tempted to go for a low price, but a good warehouse manager would know the hurdles of using a cheap racking system with low quality. Ensure that the racking system you choose is good quality and cost-effective to avoid replacing them often.

    1. Versatility

In this fast-paced world, your business might grow or change; it’s the direction in the future. You may decide to add new products or change everything about your company. Remember to choose a pallet racking system that is adjustable and can adapt to the changes in case you change the line of your business or in the event of slight modifications on your products. If you need an adjustable system, then choose Cantilever or Selective racking system.

    1. Strength and durability

Before choosing the best pallet rack for your warehouse, always consider the weight it can withstand. This is to avoid problems that ensue when the racks collapse is injuring, or even killing employees. Such problems can be avoided if you choose a durable and robust shelf for your warehouse.

    1. Warehouse requirements

Each warehouse has unique storage requirements. Therefore, before choosing a pallet racking system that suits your inventory management needs, perform an analysis of your commodities. Appraise the merchandise according to their weight, density, how frequently they are delivered, and their shelf life. Keep in mind that some pallet racks support bulk products, while others can only help small quantities.

    1. Forklift accessibility

If your company deals with bulky products, you might need to put forklift accessibility into consideration. Put into consideration the aisle width needed for forklifts to maneuver.

If you are looking for a solution that will help you utilize floor space fully for satisfactory inventory management, frazier.com is here for you.

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