December 14, 2020
How to Choose a Pallet Rack Solution

Improve your warehouse with the right industrial pallet racks. The growing daily demands of your business mean that your warehouse will also need to keep up. Handling your increasing supplies and inventory with the right racking system. These factors will continue to affect your loads and how you manage your products. Shelving and pallet racks come in a variety of options so explore which types are right for storing your items effectively. Here’s how to pick the right rack.

Determine Product Sizes and Velocities

How big or small are your product loads? Are they handled on pallets, slip sheets, or something else altogether? How heavy are they? Knowing which of your products are fast movers and slow movers will help you to determine how they need to be handled.

Consider Method of Handling

How are you handling your products? Is it with a fork truck or maybe some other type of vehicle? Is it just a person hand-picking from the rack? Knowing the capabilities of your method of handling is necessary in order to choose a racking system that interfaces properly with them.

Measure Your Area

How big is your warehouse? How much of it can you dedicate to storage? Combine this with the requirements that you have found from analyzing your products and method of handling to determine what styles of racking suit your needs.

Know Your Rack Options

Browse through the types of rack available to you. Which types do companies similar to yours use? Understand the difference between structural and roll-formed racking.

Look for Longevity

Consider how long your pallet rack manufacturer has been in the business and evaluate what type of experience they have. The longer they’ve been around, the better. Longevity is usually a sign of reliability and that’s a good quality in your racking system. For 70+ years of structural rack design and manufacturing, choose Frazier Industrial Company.

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